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This is a simple and easy software made in C++, which basically makes a calculator using only basic math methods.

Eggdrop is a simple to use but powerful multi purpose IRC client. It is highly configurable, extensible, and has an extensive scripting language. It is written in C and is mostly written in ANSI C.
Eggdrop is written from scratch and was originally designed to be a « P2P Client ». However, it is also a fully featured multi-protocol irc client and can be used to great effect as a secure VoIP client.

Casa is a Java applet program to organize your CDs, DVDs and online movies. It comes with a database and can help you to manage your collection. It can play any song in any format.
Casa is a GPLed program. All you need to do is to pay $10 for a license key, and install the program on your computer.

Calculate your IQ! Over 1000 numerical questions. Compare your IQ with friends and family. It’s one of the most unique and entertaining IQ Quiz game on the net. How well can you calculate? and how good is your IQ.

PHP 4 for Linux is a PHP 4 compiler for GNU/Linux.
I intend to support the InterTwin BBS, telnetd and phpbb and is written in C.
The source code of the PHP 4 compiler for GNU/Linux is available for the sake of the better understand of the PHP4 features.

RxMenu is a rxstyle menus. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. It features a powerful and intuitive interface, and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X without a major speed or memory penalty.
There is nothing to configure, or install. It Just Works.

KXtreme is a toolkit that allows you to create high-quality games for X11 systems. It offers the features needed for game development while being easy to use. Because it is a toolkit, it makes it easy to learn and use different technologies.

SDL2 is a cross-platform library that aims to provide an abstraction layer on top of various OpenGL systems. This library offers 2D and 3D graphics and sound, input, multimedia, windowing, and input/event handling. It is free software.
SDL2 is written in C and is mostly written in ANSI C.
SDL2 is 384a16bd22

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1) First of all, for those who are new to the VPN world, KeenVPN is what we would call a “minimal” VPN.
It features no browser, no app store, and no built-in bandwidth manager.
What it does, however, is to allow you to use a virtual private network that protects your privacy and your data while you are online.
This particular VPN package is available for Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows.
2) It is fast.
This is the biggest advantage of the software – the fast VPN servers are able to offer the best connection speed on the market.
KeenVPN is one of the fastest VPN apps that we have tested and it is a must have for any Mac user.
3) The application is very easy to use.
You won’t find any complicated options or features in the UI.
The only option you get to pick from is the connection type, and if you want to connect to a more specific VPN server, you can search for that specific location in the search field.
The application does not require a user name and password to connect, and there is no need to pay any money for using the service.
4) The security of the application is very reliable.
KeenVPN works in the background, and you won’t find any advertisements that might harm your privacy.
5) It is compatible with different devices.
Both iOS and Mac OS users can use the same application.
Whether you are using an iPad, a Mac, or a Windows PC, there is a chance that you will be able to make use of the VPN service.
Read the full review on MacAppStorm »

Wirecutter Review: Best iOS VPNs 2018 Updated

An iOS VPN app is a great option for staying anonymous on the mobile web.

After testing the best iOS VPN apps of 2018, Wirecutter has determined that Zenmate is the best iOS VPN of 2018.

The short version:

Price: $2.99 for 100 MB of data

Basic: 1 day of VPN protection

Basic+: 90 days of VPN protection

Premium: 3 months of VPN protection

Enterprise: 5 years of VPN protection

Only the premium version of Zenmate has been listed on Wirecutter’s Top 100 VPNs list. The app has an iPhone app that is available for free and also a desktop version that costs $3.