ESET PureFix V202exe

Date : 22 juin 2022

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ESET PureFix V202exe


ESET PureFix V202exe

, Sep 26, 2020
cuoco Anonymous says: cuoco at passwordtester replied: I tested on ESET PureFix, and it doesn’t work on it.


It says it needs a 4620 class dvd drive. I have a « dp412-458D DVD+/-RW MEDIA READY DEVICE – 4620 Series » and it was included with my system, so that’s what I’m going with.
Also, « as to the eboot, there is an eboot available and the tutorial talks about it », I actually can’t find any eboot for it.
Anyhow, I’m hoping the eboot is for a CMOS reset, not the RTC. If it fails to work, I can start over and try again.

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