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Date : 25 mai 2022

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My Screen Recorder Pro allows you to record your entire desktop to an AVI video file. Great for tutorials, product demos and any other video creation. No more recording a video using a program and later having to re-record the same video using a different program.
With My Screen Recorder Pro, you have everything you need to capture your screen and turn it into a professional quality video. You can capture:
* Full Screen: Capture an entire desktop or select an area of your screen using the EasyCapture tool.
* Custom Size: Select the size of your screen (e.g., 1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1080) and capture an area up to that size.
* Preference: Use My Screen Recorder Pro to record your desktop at a specific resolution and/or frame rate.
You can record your screen to AVI file and save the file as a.avi file. You can change your settings before recording by using the customize button.
Record to AVI (.avi) or Screencast (.scr). Record the entire screen with or without the capture button.
Your screen recording will be saved to a.avi file.
Keyboard shortcuts:
-A-B to view all tabs
-Alt+B to toggle the capture button on or off
-Ctrl+Alt+Del to record the desktop for at least 30 seconds or the time specified
-Ctrl+W to close the capture window
-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the capture window and view your desktop (also shows the desktop before recording)
-Ctrl+Backspace to exit the capture program
-Ctrl+Up/Down arrows to move your mouse cursor
-Shift+Right click to display a context menu
-Ctrl+Ctrl+P to start or stop recording (context menu)
-Mouse wheel to zoom in or out the capture window
-Mouse wheel or arrow keys to move around the capture window
-Alt+Arrow keys to pan the capture window
-Alt+W to close the capture window
-Alt+T to open the capture settings (recording settings)
-F8 to change the recording resolution
-F9 to change the recording bit rate
-F10 to change the capture window to full screen (windowed)
-Alt+F to open a recording preferences window
-F12 to open the full screen capture window
-F11 to open the settings window
-F12 to open the exit window
-F11 384a16bd22

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The key macro is used to install, update and remove key- and text-files on all configured systems. All files and directories will be named with their name, date and time. For example, /root/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc
sudo scc_keyfile_install my/sites/SCC_* –env x64
What is it?
During the SCC installation process, the installation keys are created. These keys are checked on every update/installation run and if any configuration parameter in the installation process changed, the keys will no longer be valid. This ensures that you have to install SCC only once per site.
Therefore you need to store the installation keys in a safe place and avoid having them in the installer.scc files. For this purpose, the SCC-key files will be created in a directory named « SCC_ » in the /root-directory. The key files are only valid for the installation of SCC.
Furthermore, each key will be named with the site name, a timestamp and the same four alphabetic characters as the name of the site. For example, /root/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc
To install and update SCC on mysite.loc, it will be installed and updated using the installation keys my/sites/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc.
To uninstall SCC on mysite.loc, it will be removed using the removal keys my/sites/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc.
When the installation is complete, the status file /root/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc.status will show the installed version.
You can check the status of your installation in the /root/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.log file.
To uninstall SCC on mysite.loc, it will be removed using the removal keys my/sites/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc.
In the /root/SCC_2016_12_11_15_32_29.scc.log, you can see that the removal has been executed.
Example 2:
sudo sррµсрѕ-2011-summer-2011-12-img_6996-imgsrc-ru/