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Date : 22 juin 2022

‘LINK’ Download Novel Laila Majnun Pdf

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Laila Majnu by PN Hatheer, Punjabi Poetry, Urdu Novel, Paperback; 25 of PN Hatheer’s poetry collections. Download on Gumroad.

Laila Majnu by ناصلي malakh . The story of Majnun, a figure of Persian poetry, is told from the perspective of Layla, his beloved. The story is narrated by a narrator, often called the wazir (fairy), who provides the story. Download Laila Majnu e-book:.
Description of Literary Style: The Story of Layla and Majnun is an epic love story between an Indian prince, Laila, and a Persian prince, Majnun, both in the Mughal court, Laila is the daughter of the emperor Shahriyar, a conqueror of the Greeks, and Majnun (Majnno), a pauper from the mountains, warlike warrior, and poet..
This is usually in the form of a ballad, a love poem, or a novel, the purpose being to appeal to an audience by portraying the hero and heroine as a loving couple. The female is usually seen as the intellectual love interest and is the protagonist to the male’s action or the story line. PN. HATHEER.
5 Jun 2013 This was quite a challenge to translate. It is a classic love story narrated in the first person by a fairy: “Memorandum on the story of Laila and Majnun as told by a narrator in a poem” (see pages 7-9).

Download Layla Majnun story in English. Laila and Majnun is a story of the love of a Hindu prince Laila and a Muslim nobleman known as Majnun; the love is unrequited but is consummated when the lovers are separated. Download Layla Majnun e-book:.
The Story of Layla and Majnun: The book is written by Nizami whose real name is Muhammad Bahauddin Amraz Khan. Through his poem, Layla Majnun it was possible to gain that his book presented a vivid portrait of the life of a Muslim prince in India. The story goes back to the and that he was captured by the Christians in Armenia… (nizami) (majnūn) nz. wikipedia The Story of Layla and Majnun: