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Date : 26 mai 2022

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Smart-Cam DXF features:
– A computerized dimension measurement module for « in process » dimensional control.
– A unit conversion and math module for quality verification of measurements.
– A fully customizable, easy-to-use English and metric measurement dialog box for detailed measurement specifications, and a run mode in which the DXF files are created in real-world units.
– A multi-sensor imaging mode that measures the length, width, and/or height of various objects.
– Automatic calibration of DXF software to machine vision images.
Smart-Cam DXF includes:
– A fully customizable Windows interface.
– An integrated keymacro, which provides the ability to print key macros for any measurement specification
– Easy-to-use measurement and calibration procedures.
– Numerous report features for measuring, converting, and exporting DXF files.
– A user-friendly file transfer system, which allows you to export DXF files directly to a user-defined destination.
– A measurement error analysis and correction tool.
Smart-Cam DXF also supports:
– Cropping, highlighting, and filtering of DXF files.
– Print-out of an image, or a 2D plot of the image, using Windows GDI/GDI+ technology.
– Raster to vector conversion using Microsoft Excel’s « Shapes » feature.
– Easy construction of DXF files using a Text editor.
Smart-Cam DXF is a Windows-based software package that uses powerful machine vision based technology to produce engineering dimensioning.
It supports many functions and measurements such as the following:
– Dimensions (line, square, circle, arc, ellipse, spline, spline arc, elliptical arc, pie slice, swatch, multi-dimensional, and angles).
– Area (measurements, multi-dimensional), volume, perimeter, center of mass, and others.
– Cut-out and cut-up (diameters, angles, volumes, centers of mass, etc.).
– Heights (convert to, and measure in real-world units, lengths, and mm, % of length, mm, cm, m, and ft).
– « H » and « V » type measurements.
– Solidity and conformance.
– Planimetric, profile and three-dimensional measurements.
– Compass and azimuth measurements.
– Cutting and notching.
– Dimensional control.