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Date : 25 mai 2022

Étiquettes :

F11 gets you to the startup button

F12 gets you to the help button

F2 toggles BayTime in stand-by mode

F9/Enter toggles BayTime in shutdown mode

Use the arrow keys to navigate between the startup mode and the shutdown mode

Use the spacebar to select a date

Use the Pageup key to navigate between the dates

Use the Pagedown key to select a date

Press the Enter key to define a primary server.

Press the Escape key to return to the startup mode

The Tab key will be used to select the secondary servers. Pressing the Tab key once will select the first secondary server.

Press the Shift+Tab key to select the last secondary server.

Press the Tab key again to select a date. Pressing Shift+Tab will select the next/prev date

Press the Enter key to define a date

Press the Spacebar to activate BayTime

BayTime shutdown Manager

Press F9/Enter to define a primary server.

Press the Tab key to select the secondary servers. Pressing Shift+Tab will select the next/prev secondary server.

Press the Enter key to define a secondary server.

Press the Escape key to return to the shutdown mode

To start the shutdown manager simply start BayTime from the Start menu and select the Shutdown manager item. You will be asked whether you want to load a primary server or you want to load a secondary server. If you want to define a primary server you will also be asked to define the Date (You can also define it in the help mode). If you are only going to load a secondary server you can choose the Time Synchronization option to define the time synchronization. After you have defined the settings the the shutdown manager will be launched and you can choose to activate the « shutdown manager » and define some other settings for the shutdown manager. If you want to leave BayTime closed you can always return to the shutdown manager by pressing the F9/Enter keys. Note that you cannot close BayTime, if BayTime is not loaded on startup.

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Ensure that the Windows Task Scheduler Service is running.

Check the file access permissions for the task:

Check if the task requires elevation. If you receive the following error message « Security permissions not granted » when running the task, select « Run as administrator » 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO is a standalone replacement for MS Access Macro recorder.
KEYMACRO is a freeware for use by individuals or small businesses.
KEYMACRO supports over 60 programming languages and it has built-in support for C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Tcl, VBScript, C#, Delphi, HTML, SQL, Delphi, HTML, PL/SQL, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Netscape Messenger and so on.
What’s new in this version:
Version 1.4.2 has been released and is available as a free update for all users.
This release brings several major improvements:
* Improved performance when opening databases with large number of records
* Fixed a problem with XML recording, which caused XML recording files to become corrupted
* Fixed some minor bugs in the XML recording
* Fixed a problem with the default character encoding in the XML recording
* Many small fixes
KEYMACRO allows you to automatically generate the high level functions of any database tables to access any fields (e.g., FirstName, LastName, Age) and record the actions of the user when accessing these fields (e.g., see the user’s FirstName, LastName and Age).
KEYMACRO comes with extensive documentation.
KEYMACRO also allows you to set macros that can be triggered at any point in time. This is useful for tracking the progress of large projects, and for correcting typos.
In addition to high level functions, you can create macros for the low level function like record, clear, select, update, delete, etc.
KEYMACRO was built to be as flexible as possible in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements, so you can use the functions in the most efficient way.
First and foremost, your applications will work with databases more easily. With KEYMACRO you can quickly write the most frequent functions that access data tables in Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Works, and SQL databases.
Moreover, KEYMACRO will allow you to record a macro function in any application, and in any type of databases. For example, KEYMACRO will enable you to develop a macro to move the cursor to any cell in any table in any application, regardless of whether the database is Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL, Access, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Outlook Express, or any other.
There are two types of macros:
* You can define a macro