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To see the associated module of a process, type’snl’ followed by the name of the module and the PID of the process. To list all module names, type / list. To kill a process, type kill followed by the process name.
/ name [keymacro] [pid or filename] Example:

NAME Keymacro:
To list all processes, type snl followed by the name of the keymacro. To list all modules and handles for a process, type snl followed by the name of the keymacro followed by the name of the module and the PID of the process.
To kill a process, type kill followed by the name of the keymacro followed by the PID of the process.

KILL [Keymacro] [pid or filename] Example:

Type help

For information about the files created by snlProc, see « Build a list of Handles and Modules Associated With a Process »



To see the process information associated with the target, use /list:
$snl 2
To list the handle of a process, use the ‘name’ keymacro.
The name keymacro is case sensitive, so the handle of the process named ‘Pro*cSS’ is named ‘proCss’.
To list all handles for a process, use the ‘handle’ keymacro.
To kill a process, use the ‘kill’ keymacro.

To find a list of running processes:

Process 2 is running.
PID Handle
———- —– ———–
2 proCss


In addition to the procstat package, which is a Perl script based on procstat.pl (which is a rewrite of procstat.1 from Solaris 10), there is a package in CRAN called pms which is also based on procstat.1.
If you don’t want to install the package, you can do:
cat >vmsrv.c
#include 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a lightweight, portable, bootable and easy-to-use macro recorder for Windows operating systems. It is capable of recording keyboard keystrokes.
– Possibility to configure macro-recording options
– Captures user’s choice in a list of defined characters
– Macro recording of unicode
– Recording duration can be configured
– Ability to capture keys with modifiers
– Full support for Unicode characters
– New options added in the 3.4 version (Version 3.3.3)
– Language support
– Windows 7, 8 and 10
– Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016
– 32 and 64 bits
– 64 bits Only
– New interface
– New: Skinning support
– New: Windows Region Support
– Fix: Trim and shortcuts keys
– Fix: Ability to edit keys that contain a character set
– Support: Selecting menu (Browse, Search)
– Support: Specifying Menu selection items
– Support: Display Menu on screen
– Fix: Export all Unicode keys
– Fix: Ability to show recording without UI focus
– Fix: New option for macro editing
– Fix: Unable to record all keystrokes
– Fix: Some recording speed problems
– Fix: Ability to change recording options
– Fix: Add a demo macro
– Fix: Minor UI fix
– Fix: Global Hotkeys
– Fix: Mouse buttons support
– Fix: Uninstalling and reinstalling does not remove settings
– Fix: Key combination of alt+b/f1+b/f2+b
– Fix: Show menu selection buttons on the bottom of the window
– Fix: Stop Recording after exit
– Fix: Autosave function
– Fix: Macro settings close if the window is moved
– Fix: Allow to drag and drop the file in the window to replace the selection
– Fix: Better handling of some situations
– Fix: Fix for some unicode characters
– Fix: Better handling of hotkeys with modifiers
– Fix: Ability to choose Menu/Select/Link with file size when importing
– Fix: Fix for the keyboard layout: when the script is launched
– Fix: Fix for the unicode characters
– Fix: Fix for charset as the file is imported
– Fix: Fix for Unicode characters
– Fix: Fix for unicode symbols
– Fix: Fix for unicode accents
– Fix: Fix for the project’s path