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Date : 8 juin 2022


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RemotePC 7.6.20 Crack+ Torrent Free Download [Mac/Win] [April-2022]

Cracked RemotePC With Keygen is an advanced and versatile tool for remote access to workstations and servers
Provides remote desktop access to remote workstations with various configuration options
Support multi-monitor configurations for remote access
Speed up the remote desktop connection process with session recording and file transfer
Allows you to connect with friends and colleagues from anywhere, and play their audio on your computer
Encrypts the communication between remote computers with TLS version 1.2 / AES-256
* Launch a remote session to a Windows desktop
* Remote session to a terminal server
* Remote login to a Linux server
* Remote login to a server running the FreeNAS operating system
* Remote login to a FreeBSD server
* Remote login to a solaris server
* Remote login to a chromium server
* Remote login to a Samba server
* Remote login to a Windows XP system
* Remote login to a Windows 7 system
* Remote login to a Windows Server 2003 system
* Remote login to a Remote PC
* Remote login to a Mac mini
* Remote login to a Mac Pro
* Remote login to a Windows 2008 R2 system
* Remote login to a Xen virtual machine
* Remote login to an OpenVZ container
* Remote login to a VMWare virtual machine
* Remote login to a Windows VPC endpoint
* Remote login to an OpenVZ gateway
* Remote login to a JBoss server
* Remote login to a Lighttpd server
* Remote login to an Apache server
* Remote login to a Debian server
* Remote login to a LDAP server
* Remote login to a Active Directory server
* Remote login to an Oracle database server
* Remote login to a MySQL server
* Remote login to a PostgreSQL server
* Remote login to a Netfilter/IPQoS server
* Remote login to an NTP server
* Remote login to a root server on a web server
* Remote login to a user on a web server
* Remote login to a vpn server
* Remote login to a FileZilla server
* Remote login to an SSH server
* Remote login to a web server
* Remote login to a media streaming server
* Remote login to a remote PC
* Remote login to a remote machine
* Remote login to a VNC server
* Remote login to a UNIX server
* Remote login to a Windows 95/98/ME desktop
* Remote login to a Windows NT4 system
* Remote login

RemotePC 7.6.20 Crack+ Registration Code X64

RemotePC is part of the remote access application category, enabling you to connect to a computer from the distance. It comes in handy both for troubleshooting and collaboration sessions, and it can be used
Straightforward but rather lingering connection
With a fairly simple connection configuration and a neat interface layout, RemotePC can connect to one or more workstations. Aside from the mandatory RemotePC account (email and password), the only prerequisite is to have the application installed on the remote computer and set it up for remote access by assigning it a name and an access key.
RemotePC displays a list of all the computers that have been configured for remote control. Provided you enter the correct key, you can initiate a new session.
Depending on your Internet connection speed, it takes more or less time to view the remote desktop (several attempts were required during our tests). Occasionally, your computer might seem laggy. In this case, you can instruct RemotePC to focus on speed, rather than quality, an option that is available in the ‘View’ menu. To make sure you see the entire remote desktop,  just change the view mode on the primary screen from the same menu.
Chat and file transfer options, session recording and remote audio access
At this point, you should be able to view and control the remote PC as if you were in front of it. There are several tools that you have at your disposal, no matter if you are remote connecting to troubleshoot the PC or to work on a project with your colleagues.
For instance, the chat window enables you to carry out a conversation with the remote PC’s owner, while the file transfer feature makes it possible for you to copy files from your PC to the remote one. Please note that RemotePC does not ask for permission when copying files, but the remote PC owner can end the session at any point with the click of a button.
Not only that you can connect to a PC remotely with RemotePC, but the entire session can be recorded as an AVI video file. Furthermore, you can play the sounds of the remote PC on your computer, which enables you to listen to songs together with your friends or play presentations you built with your colleagues, enjoying both visual and audio elements.
A remote tool with more pluses than drawbacks
RemotePC carries the burden of a rather laggy connection and a lower image quality than the ones its competitors offer. Nevertheless, it supports multi-monitor machines, allows quick file transfers, allows session recording, and encourages

RemotePC 7.6.20 (LifeTime) Activation Code [Mac/Win]

RemotePC is a remote application software. With RemotePC you can access the Internet to a remote desktop or local workstation using any Internet accessible device (Windows PC, PDA, smartphone, Mac, Linux). RemotePC can be used in business, education, personal and military settings.
RemotePC accounts are created using Email: an email account and corresponding password are all you need for the RemotePC Account and the session. Other remote access services/software that require passwords with typically take a toll on your memory as the passwords are saved in every program. This can be a great annoyance and a security risk. With RemotePC all the passwords you enter are stored in a highly encrypted environment that is not even available to you.
RemotePC will provide a quick and easy solution for anyone working remotely from home or the office. No additional hardware is required. You can use a broadband connection or a low speed modem with the RemotePC software.

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What’s New in the?

Remote computer management

Remote PC



File transfer

Remote audio

Session recorder

Flexible multi-users model

TLS and AES-256

Clone PC


Remote audio

Secure sessions


Remote PC is a free multi-user software for Windows 8 and above. It allows you to remotely control other computers by connecting them via the Internet. You can watch the display, view the desktop, move the mouse and click. You can also view and change the desktop icons on the remote PC.

The software is useful for anyone who wants to troubleshoot a Windows PC on a network, and also for those who want to watch a presentation remotely with family and friends.

While the software allows you to control a PC remotely, it does not replace any of your current tools. It works with other computer management software and other remote control software such as VNC and UltraVNC.

You can use remote PC to carry out remote display of virtual machines in VMs, configure them as multiple monitors, monitor multiple systems on a single screen, or to access shared folders.

Remote PC is free of charge. You can run the software on any Windows 8 or later computer on the local network or the Internet.

What’s new in this version

– Bandwidth selection in the configuration wizard; bandwidth is one of the most important settings and now you can easily set it to suit your Internet connection by choosing a Bandwidth and a maximum connection time.

– New option in the remote control. You can now enable the option to focus on speed or quality when viewing the remote computer.

– Automatic remote computer detection; now when you start the software, it detects the most remote computer in the network.

– Small improvements in the interfaces; they have been added to make the software more functional.

– Fixed a bug in the download manager.

Remote PC Interface Overview

Remote PC has a blue-colored interface. It displays two connections; one for the session and one for the user settings.

Red arrows indicate required actions and green arrows mean that the action is optional.


Session allows you to connect to a remote computer.

User Settings:

User Settings lets you save the user data for a remote session, such as remote display settings, network connection settings, and the remote computer name.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1 GHz
800MB free HDD space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Requires 1.2GB VRAM
Install Instructions:
1. Open the launcher (Windows: Start Menu, Other OS: You should have the option to launch the launcher from inside of the desktop after selecting « Exit » from the Steam menu. If you don’t see the Steam menu, you will need to exit Steam first