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Date : 25 mai 2022

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Keymacro is a small utility that allows you to generate « keychords » (arrangements of keys in a keycombination) quickly and easily. These keychords are then assigned to macros, which you can use to automate any task or sequence of keystrokes. Keymacro has a basic interface and a simple point-and-click dialog box, which allows you to enter the number of keyboard keys and define a macro key combination. If you need to set the mapping, just enter it in the Options panel and press the OK button.
Keymacro works by intercepting keystrokes, and then sending them to an associated macro when a specific key is pressed. You can map up to four macros to any key combination of your choice. You can use the same macros on your keyboard (such as F1-F4) or on a regular keyboard. The latter means that you can use the same macros with more than one computer, since you’ll be able to define a specific macro key combination for each computer.
MACRO SCRIPT Characteristics:
Keymacro includes the ability to create the macro scripts in two different ways:
1) As an ASCII text file
2) As a sequence of keystrokes, saved as a script file
The first option is more straightforward, because you can create a simple ASCII file and add macros to it. The second option is more flexible and allows you to save a convenient shortcut that you can send via a keyboard or USB cable to another computer.
Please note that when using keychord macros, if you select a menu option, or press the Tab key in the keyboard window, the macro’s key sequence will be interrupted, and control will return to the menu.
One of the greatest advantages of using keychord macros is that you can map the same macros to different keyboard keys. If you press a specific macro key combination to execute a task, the system will attempt to open the task or sequence of keystrokes with the specified key.
Some examples:
• Print something to the printer
• Open a specific program, file, website or application
• Search for a specific document, program, folder or file on a network
• Record a video
• Start a program, run a file, open a specific website,…
Actions are performed by simply pressing a macro key combination. You can even map the same key combination to a key on a regular keyboard. There are no limitations regarding the number of different actions 384a16bd22

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Every keyboard shortcut on every screen, changing the options.
The instant you press one of the F1-F12 shortcuts, the options are set instantly.
Define shortcuts of your own for any mode you need.
Now you can assign keyboard shortcuts to the various navigation modes of MPedia (TV, DVD, etc)
F1-F12 are used for controlling the following modes:
aMPed, Profiles, Basic Home, Backdrops, Filters, Fonts, Options, Plural, Collections, Animate, Timeline, Sets, Sampler, Visualizers, Quiz and more
You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your playlist, TV, DVD and other navigation modes
Visualizer :

While a visualizer is running you can press F1 to quit it
Press F3 to start a playlist
Press F3 to stop a playlist
Press F2 to quit

Use shortcut F11 to hide visualizer – F11 is mapped to ESC key by default.
While you are watching TV, pressing F3 will start playlist (while in playlist) and F4 will stop playlist and F5 will cancel playlist.
The Video Gui can be quit by pressing F6 or pressing F6 and then F1
When the visualizer is running aMPed also keeps playing music when you are browsing and playing other media.
Viewing history can be accessed by pressing the button of the up/down arrow at the lower right corner of the GUI.

In xine or mplayer aMPed can be stopped by pressing F6 or by pressing F6 and F1

Known issues :

Whitescreen after screen change – This is normal when starting to use aMPed. The screen resizes and then resets to default screen size.
Overlay window colors – Unset it in the Fonts menu.
No Picture – If you have configured multisampling, you can fix this by removing the multisampling setting
Be careful when you set the ‘Custom Layout’ options for Basic Home. They might be lost after upgrading to aMPed v2.15.6.

Is there a way for me to watch some videos from aMp3.com without using LyricsPlus? I tried using aM3u, but when I get to the video it will only play a movie with no sound.