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Date : 23 juin 2022

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Each and every Windows computer needs to be protected by a security solution that can detect and block malware before it does any damage on the host OS. There are also specialized removal tools that can remove only a certain category of infections, such as specific trojans or rootkits.
Win32/Mabezat Remover is such an application developed to locate and disinfect any computer of the polymorphic virus Win32/Mabezat.
A few words about the Win32/Mabezat virus
This virus typically infects Windows executable files and it spreads via file infection, network shares, e-mail attachments, removable drives or by burning CDs. It encrypts files with a certain extension and it mutates regularly.
Due to its frequent mutations, it can be hard to detect it before infecting the computer, so using Win32/Mabezat Remover is the right thing to do for cleaning the PC.
Why opt for portable tools
Users only need to run the application by double-clicking it, then the scanning process automatically begins and it only stops when it is completed. One can continue with their common computer work as the software runs in the background and does not affect any other app.
Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to detect and remove the Win32/Mabezat virus.
Scan results
Once the scan is over, it displays a detailed list of results, allowing users to save the log to a standalone file that can be analyzed at a later time. Alternatively, the analysis can be made on the spot using the highlighting feature – the entry for each infected file can be highlighted and thoroughly investigated.
Rename or manually delete infected files
Another function offered by Win32/Mabezat Remover is renaming or manually deleting infected files, but this action should be performed only by those with extensive knowledge of PC security because novices might end up erasing essential Windows files or which affect the OS stability.
Just like all removal tools, Win32/Mabezat Remover should only be used when users suspect they have been infected with this virus. Otherwise, their antivirus solution should be allowed to do its job and block any malware threats.







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